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Experienced developer, I have been developing software since 2000, A true team player, I enjoy working in a team to grow and bring out the best in my teammates, Over the years, I have had the opportunity to take on roles such as developer, technical leader, and Scrum Master, with a growing interest in DEVOPS, I also invest in the community by sharing my knowledge on technical blogs and events like DEVOXX.


Senior Software Engineer at RATP Smart Systems

Reservoir Code - RATP Smart Systems | 2022 - now

Developer and support for the technical leader within the B2C team at RSS, I contribute to the development of the MAAS (Mobility as a Service) part of the Bonjour RATP platform. In close collaboration with the Mobile and Infrastructure teams, we are responsible for integrating mobility partner solutions while ensuring optimal service for the user experience. Moreover, I'm working on several others projets like the RATP User Account, the FMD (Forfait Mobilité Durable) projects... The B2C team is a multiproject team and I have the chance to touch many technologies at the same time.

Senior Software Engineer at Mappy

Reservoir Code - Mappy | 2021 - 2022

Developer and technical leader within the UBS team at Mappy, I am involved in the architecture, development, and integration of customer accounts for Mappy. On a daily basis, I work within a feature team consisting of backend, web, and mobile developers, guiding them in integrating the Red Hat IAM Keycloak tool. I am also working on developing new RESTful v2 APIs for the functional part, with the challenge of making them retro-compatible with a first version already in production. Architecture and deployment issues are also within our scope, and I support the Infrastructure teams in deploying our platform. Given the rich and multidisciplinary environment, it allows us to tackle various challenges.

Senior Software Engineer at Ingenico

Reservoir Code - Ingenico | 2020 - 2021

Back-end developer within the Acquirer Hub team at Ingenico Paris, working fully remotely (Paris - Brussels - Luxembourg). I support the team on a daily basis in development tasks related to an application under a microservices architecture with components that are complex both technically and functionally.

Senior Software Engineer at Docker

Docker | 2018 - 2020

Initially, I joined Docker to work on improving the software quality of Docker Desktop for Mac and Windows. I contributed to the implementation of tools to assist in deliverable validation and functional testing. Subsequently, I worked in a cross-functional team supporting development teams, designing and integrating software improvement and continuous deployment tools. Currently, I am part of the Desktop team for Mac and Windows. This experience has exposed me to lesser-known aspects of software development, as it is more system-oriented. The quality of the products and technical teams has significantly contributed to my development in Docker, Go, C#, and Swift.

Senior Software Engineer at Mappy

Reservoir Code - Mappy | 2013 - 2018

Technical reference within the BOSS team at Mappy. My main projects revolved around Java 8 and REST technologies for Web and Mobile clients, as well as the integration of partner data. Towards the end of the mission, I worked on migrating existing components to microservices using architectures based on Docker, Kubernetes on Azure. I was also involved in related projects such as data production in OpenStreetMap format, user accounts, and external panoramic views. This experience allowed me to enhance my skills in infrastructure issues within a DEVOPS environment on a high-traffic site.

Senior Software Engineer at OUI.sncf

Reservoir Code - OUI.sncf | 2012 - 2013

Technical leader within the Hypercal team at VSC Innovation for the company Objet Direct. Hypercal is software designed to showcase OUI.sncf travel products on a map in connection with the Supercal reservation software. It posed a real technical challenge as I had to rapidly upskill a team of three developers on relatively new technologies such as EmberJS, CasperJS, MongoDB, and Grails.

Senior Software Engineer at Crédit Coopératif

Reservoir Code - Dagobert/Crédit Coopératif | 2011 - 2012

Full-stack Java and JS developer at Dagobert for an agency web Scrum team. The application, aimed at the general public, involves a complete redesign of the online banking platform for Crédit Coopératif. This experience reinforced my choice of a web architecture based on Spring, JQuery, CXF, allowing the creation of a simple, dynamic, and robust application. It was particularly enriching for me, as it was my first experience working in a Scrum team on a fixed-price project.

Senior Software Engineer, Scrum Master at Finance Active

Finance Active | 2011 - 2011

Scrum Master with a bit of development within a team of three people dedicated to the complete redesign of a foreign exchange risk management application, FXChange. Due to performance issues, the application was entirely redeveloped using a Domain-Driven Design (DDD) approach, functional programming, and based on a software architecture built around Tapestry, Hibernate, and MySQL.

Software Engineer, Scrum Master at Vidal

Vidal | 2007 - 2011

Java developer and Scrum Master in an Agile environment on Java projects, including Swing, Spring, Hibernate, and Struts, within teams averaging five to eight people. As a developer, my role was to contribute my technical expertise and architectural knowledge to ensure the coherence of the Front-end team projects. As a Scrum Master, my responsibility was to organize and lead sprints, as well as coordinate production releases.

Software Engineer (Ideo Technologies) at Allianz G.I.

Ideo Technologies - Allianz G. I. | 2007 - 2007

Development in Java using Extreme Programming of a monetary portfolio management application for asset management. Creation of a functional framework. The mission was as much focused on development as on collaboration, as a significant amount of code needed to be shared among similar projects and, consequently, among teams.

Software Engineer (Ideo Technologies) at Cetelem

Ideo Technologies - Cetelem | 2006 - 2007

Architecture study and development in Java of a prototype based on the SweetDEV framework for integration into BNP's Information System (SI). This study highlighted the advantages brought by the use of Inversion of Control (IOC), protocol break, and the taglib provided by the technical foundation. We took advantage of this mission to rewrite the "properties" management module of the framework.

Software Engineer (Ideo Technologies) at BNP SIG

Ideo Technologies - BNP SIG | 2006 - 2006

Development of a client portfolio management application based on the SweetDEV/Hibernate framework. Execution in collaboration with a team of 3 technical architects from Business Objects.

Software Engineer (Ideo Technologies) at BNP Banque Privée

Ideo Technologies - BNP Banque Privée | 2006 - 2006

Quickstart and development of a mandate analysis application in Java based on the SweetDEV framework and Hibernate. The main goal was to confirm the Private Banking entity of BNP's sound choice of this technical foundation. This mission provided me with the opportunity to lead a small team of two developers and make architectural choices.

Software Engineer (Ideo Technologies) at Ericsson

Ideo Technologies - Ericsson | 2006 - 2006

Development in Java of a reporting application for the SFR streaming platform, based on the SweetDEV framework and Hibernate. This project served as an initial step into project management.

Software Engineer at Ideo Technologies R&D

Ideo Technologies | 2005 - 2006

Development and maintenance within the R&D department of Ideo Technologies for technical components of the SweetDEV framework. Participation in the implementation of code audit tools, software quality, and the continuous integration server. Design and development of the Eclipse plugin SweetDEV-Studio in collaboration with M7/BEA.

Software Engineer at XPR

XPR | 2001 - 2005

Development in Java and on embedded clients like PSION/Palm of a real estate expertise assistance application. Design and implementation of all application layers. Later, development in Windev and Delphi of application modules for other products focused on human resources.

Software Engineer at Techniform

Techniform | 2000 - 2001

Development in Java and on an embedded client like PSION of a menu input assistance application for collective catering. Implementation of the synchronization conduit and code optimization.



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